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Classroom Management Plan
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The key to classroom management is setting up routines early in the year. For example, in my classroom, I intend to allow the student to create their own classroom rules. They will most likely include "keep your hands and feet to yourselves," and "respect the property of others." We will do this in the first few days of school.

In addition to the class rules, I will have a variety of daily routines that the students will be expected to maintain. Every morning there will be a journal entry for the students to write about. This will give them something to do when they enter the classroom so that they are not wandering around socializing when they should be getting prepared for the school day.

Students need to know what they can expect to be doing from day to day. Of course, my curriculum will have a lot of variety, but some things will stay the same at all times. With this kind of system, discipline problems should be at a minimum.

When there are discipline problems, they will be dealt with immediately and in private. I believe that students should be praised in public and disciplined in private at all times. It shows the student that you respect them and that you care about how they are developing as individuals.