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ISTE Standards
I. Computer Operations:
I have been taught in my Western Michigan University Educational Technology for Elementary Education ED 347 course to apply troubleshooting strategies for solving routine hardware and software problems that occur in the classroom, and as such have been tested and certified to be able to perform the following: Connecting a laptop to a video projector and/or smartboard, removing a network card from a PC, solving basic printer problems, and using adaptive selective devices to accommodate students with a physical disabilities.
I am also able to identify, select, and use hardware and software technology resources specially designed for use by PK -8 students to meet specific teaching and learning objectives. This includes integrating application and commercial software into lesson plan including using MS Publisher to make a 4 page newsletter, Inspiration for planning, Excel for a grade book, Powerpoint for a student presentations, advance word processing using mail merge with a prepared data base of parent address. Also, I am learning to use Dreamweaver and Trelix to design this web site.
In my ED 347 class, I am also learning a great many technology concepts, such as LAN networks and their components, video conferencing tools, FTP file transfers, graphical file formats, designing web sites, basic file operation and PC maintenance.
II. Planning and Designing Learning Environments and Experiences
I have proven that I can identify, evaluate, and select specific technology resources available at the school site and district level to support a coherent lesson sequence by developing a technology integrated lesson plan. Click here to see some Taskstream integrated lesson plan examples.

As can be seen in this Taskstream lesson plan example, I have created and implemented a well-organized lesson plan to manage available technology resources, provide equitable access for all students, and enhance learning outcomes. Also, I am currently learning how to design, manage, and facilitate learning experiences using technology that affirm diversity and provide equitable access to resources. This I have done by using the Internet to prepare a short electronically submitted research paper on Digital Divide issues as well as used "Bobby" to test and report on the accessibility levels of an educational Internet site.
III. Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum
I have designed and taught a coherent sequence of learning activities that integrates appropriate use of technology resources to enhance student academic achievement and technology proficiency by connecting district, state, and national curriculum standards with student technology standards (as defined in the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students. Please see the Taskstream generated standard supported teaching unit. I have designed an evaluation plan that applies multiple measures and flexible assessment strategist determine students' technology proficiency and content area learning as illustrated in this attached rubric. In my student internship I am planning to use multiple measures to analyze instructional practices that employ technology to improve planning, instruction, and management.
1V. Assessment and Evaluation
I have designed, implemented, and assessed learner-centered lessons that are based on the current best practices on teaching and learning with technology and that engage, motivate, and encourage self-directed student learning. Click on the above link for a learner centered rubric that can be generated as an example of how I am working toward this standard area.
V. Productivity and Professional Practice
I am able to select and apply suitable productivity tools to complete educational and professional tasks as indicated in the example lesson plan.
I have designed collaborative learning activities in which students use technology resources to solve authentic problems in the subject area(s) such as this inspiration example on animals.
I have applied technology productivity tools and resources to collect, analyze, and interpret data and to report results to parents and student with technology tools such as preparing mail merge letter for parents, excel for grading, inspiration for planning, and powerpoint for presentations to parents and Dreamweaver and Trelix for building a school or class web site. Practice Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues
VI. Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues
I am participating using, ThinkQuest and in online professional collaboration with my instructors peers and experts as part of a personally designed plan, based on self-assessment, for professional growth in technology.
Blackboard     Thinkquest
I have reviewed the Western Michigan University's acceptable use Technology and the Internet policies and I am beginning to understand how similar policies might be applied in a PK-8 school setting.