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Teaching Practice
During a fourth grade physical science unit, I introduced the students to Oobleck.  I have included this lesson plan under "teaching practice" because it shows that I employ a variety of teaching strategies.  I use trade books in the classroom and do experiments that the students can see, touch, smell, hear, and sometimes even taste.  I like to engage my student using each of their senses so that they can become completely involved in the lesson.

Objective:  Students will listen to the story, Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Suess.  Students will make observations about Oobleck.  Students will compare Oobleck to magma.

Materials: The book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Suess, Oobleck (recipe to follow), cups or bowls

Prior Knowledge: By the time this lesson is used, the students have been studying volcanoes extensively.  They know the layers of the earth, how volcanoes are formed, and the difference between magma and lava.  Students have also been practicing making observations and taking notes.

Procedure:  Read the story to the students.  If possible, take them to a place where they will be comfortable, such as the rug area or even outside if the weather permits.  Allow them to relax so they can focus all of their attention on the story.  After reading the story, ask the students questions about what the Oobleck might be like, such as:
        What do you think the Oobleck felt like?
        What do you think the Oobleck looked like?
        What did the Oobleck sound like when they walked in it?
        What did the Oobleck taste like?  (save this one for last!)
After asking students these questions, take them back to their desks and give each of them a dish or cup of Oobleck.   Make a chart on the board:


Have the students give descriptive, one word observations on what they notice about the Oobleck.  They should copy these into their notes.  

Assessment:  Collect the notes from the students.  Check them to make sure that they were making and recording their observations about Oobleck.


Take one package of Key Lime pie filling.  
Prepare as directed, but do not add the eggs.
Keep covered and refrigerated overnight.