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Professional Understanding
Reference from Dave Clark

College of Education
Office of Field Placements
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008-5240
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March 24, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

Rachel Lenaway is in the process of successfully completing her internship at Winchell Elementary School in a 4th grade classroom.  As University Coordinator for Western Michigan University, it is my position to observe her teaching abilities and interaction with students and staff.

Ms. Lenaway creates and teaches developmentally appropriate lessons.  She has demonstrated skill in working with a variety of student ability levels, gearing lessons to meet specific needs of the children in her classroom.  Rachel has used a co-teaching model with her mentor in addition to individually crafted units.  Her six-week unit on volcanoes and earhquakes was outstanding and captured the imagination and interest of all her students.

Rachel developed a behavior management plan for one student resulting in significantly improved behavior and self-esteem.

Rachel is a very caring and capable teacher, possessing numerous talents that would be an asset to any school.  She is reliable, dependable and professional.  Her clear expectations and directions result in students taking responsibility for their own decisions.  She demonstrates support, respect and encouragement for her students.  Her knowledge and skill with technology surpass those of most experienced teachers.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Rachel Lenaway for a teaching position within your school district.  She is one of the most competent Intern Teachers that I've had an opportunity to work with at Western Michigan University.  She will facilitate and engage students in the art of learning and be a positive-thinking team member in every group with whom she works.


David M. Clark
University Coordinator
Western Michigan University