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Classroom Management Plan
Henry Jr. the Rainbow Fish

During my internship at Winchell, I met with a student who had trouble managing her behavior.  She was resistant to many of the behavior management plans that had been developed for her.  A few weeks into my internship, I discovered that she was very interested in caring for animals.  The next weekend, I went out and bought a Beta fish for the classroom.  When the child acted appropriately during class time, she earned one paper fish.  She could also earn fish for acting appropriately during music, art, and gym.  On the days she was able to earn all of her fish, she was able to pick from the prize box and she could feed "Henry."  If she missed one, she could still feed the fish, but she was not able to pick from the prize box.  I also stayed in with her for lunch every Wednesday so that she could clean out the fish bowl and have some one-on-one talk time with me.  There was an incredible improvement in her behavior within the first week.  She has maintained that behavior and is now a much more productive member of the classroom.