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Diversity in the School Environment
No More Bullying
During my internship, we had a school-wide bullying awareness program.  We taught the students about how they need to be tolerant and understanding of each other's differences.  We taught them the different forms that bullying can take, such as physical violence and gossiping.  

During this unit, I worked with a group of six students to make up their own song about what bullying is and why it should not be tolerated.  We took the tune from Uncle Cracker's song, "Follow Me" and we made up our own words.  We were able to perform our song for the school during the morning announcements and we took a tour of the kindergarten classrooms in the building.

No More Bullying

To bully is to ridicule, taunt and tease.
It's being mean to someone just because you please.
You go tell a grown-up or somebody near.
They are there to help you, to take away your fear.

No more bullying, cause it's not right.  Don't be a bully or get into a fight.  And if you want to be one, I can guarantee that you can find somebody else, not me!

Help, help, help me cause I'm feeling sad.
Someone just punched me and I'm not very glad.
I saw some people watching, all they did was stand,
then someone reached out and gave me their hand.


We all have to help each other, big and small.
If you fall down in the hallway or even at the mall.
If we all work together and try to get along,
maybe they'll help us to sing this song.


Our first performance!