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Teaching Practice
Accelerated Reader    Oobleck

Children are like snowflakes - no two are alike.  As a teacher, I have to be able to meet the learning goals of each of my students, no matter what their learning styles may be.  I make sure to reach every student in every lesson I do.

One example of a lesson where I met the learning needs of my students is when I did a simple lesson on observations.  I had the students shake a closed shoe box and make observations about what was inside.  For my kinesthetic learners, I had each student handle the box individually.  For my oral learners, I had the students read their observations out loud and I repeated them as they were said.  For my visual learners, I wrote the observations on the chalkboard as the students recorded them in their notes.

I have a very clear classroom management plan, which is layed out for the students at the beginning of the year.  I maintain a positive enviornment and make class time enjoyable for all students.  

DeMarcus is raising his hand for an observation while Megan
inspects the box.